Atrium Art Gallery features 16 local, regional, and national artists creating beautiful contemporary abstract works of art. Located in the heart of Downtown historic Charleston, for the last 10+ years.

A Charleston native, owner John Townsend grew up South of Broad Street on the Peninsula of Charleston just blocks from the gallery.  After retiring from careers in the US Air Force, the National Weather Service, and his own weather software company, he was inspired to follow his passion for art and open an art gallery to create art.

He built a studio within the gallery to nurture his lifelong love for art and creativity. Upon visiting the Atrium Art Gallery, you will likely find John in his studio, creating his next mindful artistic creation.







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Cyndi Schick

Cyndi’s paintings are inspired by the ebb and flow of water. She lets her eyes get lost in the rhythmic patterns of waves. Water can be gentle, rushing, still, and tumultuous yet always powerful. Her work reflects the beauty that surrounds us.

Jessica Pisano

"As an artist, I have always been inspired by nature — it is my muse. Birds, trees and the sea are the heroes of my stories. I am both interested and intrigued by the comparison and contrast of these subjects, as well as their individual symbolism."

John Townsend

"I believe that good art is what moves the viewer, and aside from the pleasure the viewer gets from the experience. Each viewer is the best judge of good art, because he or she knows what affects them, and... that is the only criteria that counts"



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